Ski lifts Rothwald / Wasenalp on the Simplon

Dear guests,

In our ski resort, only the ski lifts Rothwald / Wasenalp are authorized to carry luggage and passenger transport! These transports are an important part of the income to continue to guarantee the ski lift operation!

We ask for your understanding!

driving route

With snowmobile

(max 2 people with little luggage)

With snowmobile
and slide

(max 2 people with luggage)

With snow groomer and transport basket
(People and luggage on request)
In the Rothwald area to „Apotheker-Kehre“
1887 M.ü.M.
20.-- Fr. per trip 30.-- Fr. per trip 50.--Fr. per trip
Im Gebiet Wasenalpe bis „Bärenfalle“
2095 M.üM.
30.-- Fr.per trip 40.-- Fr. per trip 100.-- Fr. per trip
To ski lift top station„Rest. Mäderlicka“
2220 M.ü.M.
40.-- Fr. per trip 50.-- Fr. per trip 120.-- Fr. per trip

From 10 pm additional 50.00 Fr. !

Transports are only carried out outside the ski lift operating hours!

We would like to ask you to submit your transport requests if possible 24 hours in advance!


Tel. Skilift 027 923 63 53 / Tel. Rest. Mäderlicka 027 924 44 61 / Tel. Martin Heinzen Betriebsleiter 079 401 10 81

Tel. Adrian Heinzen Betriebsleiter Stv. 079 795 87 77

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